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"Drought... What Next? Handout" compiled by Centacare.

Media Coverage

"Stories of Heartache on Display" by Eve Reitmajer, Bowen Independent Newspaper

"Drought What Next" Audio by Brendan Mounter, ABC Open, Longreach

"Drought photographic exhibition tours Queensland to raise awareness of farmers' plight" by Chrissy Arthur, ABC

"Drought... What Next?" by Sally Cripps, Queensland Country Life

"Drought... What Next?" by Dr Ricki Jeffery, Central Queensland News

"Drought ... exhibition shares the struggle", Fraser Coast Chronicle.

"Keeping the focus on drought ravaged parts of Queensland", Jacquie Mackay ABC Breakfast.

"Drought ... exhibition shares the struggle", Daily Mercury.

Media Release: "Drought Exhibition represents ongoing struggle", Centacare.

"Drought ... exhibition shares the struggle", The Chronicle.

"Drought photographic exhibition tours Queensland to raise awareness of farmers' plight", ABC News.

Radio Interview 4IH Emerald (audio file).

"Drought-Stricken Central West on Display", LGAQ Council Leader Magazine.

"Funding to boost drought counselling support in parched north-west Queensland", Kate Stephens, ABC News.

Local Government Queensland Image Gallery.

"El Nino not welcomed", Meghan Kid, CQ News.

"City Hall photo exhibition supports Qld drought victims", Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

"Drought Impact on Show in City", Bowen Independent.

The Exhibition Images


"Drought... What Next?" Calendar

Exhibition Dates

Inaugural Opening - Longreach Regional Council Library / 11th December 2014 – January 2015

Central Highlands Regional Council Art Gallery / 2nd February 2015 – 19th March 2015

Fraser Coast Regional Council / Venue: Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough / Friday 8th May through until Sunday 31st May / opening event on 8th May

Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane 8th to th 28th August 2015.

Whitsunday Regional Council, opening 7pm 11th September 2015, at the Whitsunday Regional Gallery, Main Street, Proserpine

Barcaldine Regional Council, opening 29th October, The Globe, 149 Oak Street, Barcaldine 4725


Where to Donate

Donations can also be made directly to the Western Queensland Drought Appeal:
BSB: 034 194 Account No: 238 468
or visit

For further information or assistance please visit:

Visit Anne Suse Smith Fine Art Photography:

Mobile: 0419 709 897 OR Email:

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Anne Smith: Hi June thank you for your comment. We took the images to show the impact of the drought on the land, we deliberately did not show families and faces as we wanted to ensure privacy and anonymity during this very difficult time. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and support.
Tue Oct 27 05:00:22 2015 · Like · Reply
June Bell: Very good photos that shows the impact well. But it would also be good to show the families as well so that there is more of a connection with the human element of the Drought both in the towns and on the land. Make people connect with their faces.......
Mon Oct 19 22:13:31 2015 · Like · Reply
Mayor Jennifer Whitney: We were very fortunate to host the exhibition at the opening of the new Whitsunday Regional Gallery in Proserpine. The exhibition was very well received, congratulations to all involved, special thanks to Ricki and Anne.
Fri Sep 25 01:35:29 2015 · Like · Reply
Irene Fitzgerald: Thank you for the opportunity to share beyond the eyes of the affected.
Mon Sep 14 03:19:44 2015 · Like · Reply
Anne Smith: Thank you for your support of this serious issue Tony and you are absolutely correct the images need to come to the coast. The exhibition will be travelling to Parliament house early in the new year and we are hoping that it will travel wherever it is requested, hopefully in many urban locations so as to get the message out. Again thank you for your comment and support. Kind regards Anne
Wed Dec 17 23:04:22 2014 · Like · Reply
Tony Bryant: Great pictures that starkly show the plight of drought-affected rural families.
But if the purpoise of the project and the exhibitions is to highlight their situations and hopewfully sway the views and opinions of those of us in Urban areas, why isn't the exhibition travelling to a town near us so we can view it?
Longreach, Central Highlands and Rockhampton residents already know there's a drought on and how bad it is, without having to see your pictures; to maximise the exhibition's value, please bring it to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane if you can managed it.
Wed Dec 17 22:14:59 2014 · Like · Reply
Anne Smith: Thank you Miranda...
Wed Dec 10 05:49:27 2014 · Like · Reply
Miranda: Terrible circumstances, will definitely share link, the more awareness the better
Wed Dec 10 05:24:40 2014 · Like · Reply
Anne Smith: Ingrid I am soo sorry that things are so bad out west, we are hoping the more hits and comments we get on this site the more evidence we have on community support and hopefully this will result in a rethink in relation to funding and support. Hopefully rain comes soon. Kindest regards Anne
Tue Dec 9 16:53:54 2014 · Like · Reply
ingrid: Thanks sue for posting these pics.. they truly conve
y the impact of hardship currently experienced by us isolated out here and doing the best we can for our stock,family and land.
Tue Dec 9 13:40:45 2014 · Like · 1 person likes this · Reply
Kathleen Dale: It is so sad to see the people and animals suffer so much due to natures constant challenges. We all need to help, we need our graziers to feed our country this affects everyone not just these poor people. I pray for rain and hope. These graziers also need emoitional help not just financial.
Fri Nov 28 20:05:11 2014 · Like · 1 person likes this · Reply
Shauna O'Shannessy: Wonderful work by caring people - thank you for the link. I have shared it to promote farmers and the land we live in. Thank you.
Thu Nov 27 03:12:54 2014 · Like · Reply
Sue: Fantastic photos - but so sad.
Tue Nov 25 15:24:48 2014 · Like · Reply
Terri: Great photos as usual Anne. U wonder how the livestock and graziers survive. Hoping for a wet Christmas for our rural friends
Tue Nov 25 02:17:23 2014 · Like · 2 people like this · Reply
Jenn: Very moving portfolio of images
Mon Nov 24 03:29:47 2014 · Like · 1 person likes this · Reply